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Connappted is a mobile app that combines all the relevant shopping services to offer you an easy, modern, and touchless shopping experience.

Have groceries delivery at your doorstep in minutes or buy them online and pick them up easily. Scan and pay your products at your favourite shop with your smartphone avoiding any long queue waits at the cashier. And finally, book appointments at any kind of service providers. All of this and much more with only one app!

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Barber Shop

Werner Hellweg 489, 44894 Bochum, Deutschland

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Luxus Barber Shop offers the best professionals for man’s haircut and beard styling.

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What does Connappted have to offer?

Click & Collect

You don't want to spend time in the shop looking for your products and waiting at the cashier? Use Click & Collect to purchase the products you need online and just pick them up on your way home. Easy like that!

Home Delivery

Are you a busy individual or can't do your shopping physically because you are out of town? With Connappted you don’t have to worry. Purchase the products at the store of your choice and select the home delivery to have your goods sent to your home in the same day.

Scan & Go

Do you like shopping in local stores but you don't want to waste time in long queues at the cashier? Just scan and pay the products with your phone inside the shop and you are free to go!

Service Booking

Your hairdresser or nail salon doesn't answer the phone? No problem, because now you can simply arrange appointments online with any kind of service provider using our Service Booking feature on your phone. Choose from available time-slots, employees and services inside the app and get your booking instantly!


Modern and technological shopping experience
Contactless payment and touch point reduction
Time saving and easy-to-use
Special offers and promotions
Local shops community support
Ecofriendly without paper receipts
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Discover how Connappted can improve your daily life and your local shopping experience

Scan & Go
Home Delivery
Service Booking
Click & Collect
Shop and scan your groceries as you go

Avoid waiting times, queues and reduce points of contact with strangers by simply scanning and paying for your products with your own smartphone.

​ While you're in your favorite store, open the app, scan your products and pay for your purchase directly online with your preferred payment method and you're ready to go again.

Have any kind of products delivery at your door

Have all your groceries, medicaments, and other products delivery at the comfort of your home. Select your favourite shops, buy the products your need, and have them delivered in matter of hours.

Book an appointment at your favourite hairdresser and other services

See the availability of your favourite hairdresser over an interactive calendar, select the services your wish to purchase together with the responsible personnel, and simply confirm to book your appointment.

Try this feature with this and many other services such as, doctors’ clinics, car repair shops, fitness centers, beauty services, and much more.

Save time by shopping online and picking it up

Need urgently to buy shoes, clothes, or any other product that comes in your mind, but don’t really want to wait for the shipping time online shopping takes? Just choose your product online, buy it, and pick it up at the store closest to you.

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